Markets of Paris, Second Edition

The Markets of Paris, Second Edition

Find the best food markets, flea markets, antiques and crafts markets, and more in Paris. Market descriptions are organized by neighborhood and include when each is open (which days & hours), the closest Métro stop, shopping tips, and more. Filled with colorful photos and yet easy to carry, Markets of Paris will help you explore Paris like a local.

Whether you are looking for something fun to do in Paris for a single morning or over an extended period, this pocket-sized guide covers over 120 markets and offers options for every interest. Indulge in local foods, find treasures for your home, venture into varied neighborhoods, and immerse yourself in the local culture by exploring Paris markets.

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Heirloom Tomato Contest

heirloom tomato

Fall is the season for agricultural fairs.  I remember attending the York Fair in Pennsylvania every September. What excited me then was spinning upside down on the Zipper ride and similarly dizzying effects from eating funnel cake coated with confectioner’s sugar. At this stage in life, I’m more fascinated by agricultural and horticultural exhibits and how fairs […]

La Rentrée


La rentrée is a big deal in France.  Early September marks the re-entry of the local French after a long vacation period, which is often the full month of August. The term is mostly associated with students going back to school for the new academic year (la rentrée scolaire). But it is also used more […]

Late Summer Round-Up

big juicy bites of summer

The staccato tock-tock-tock of the high school marching band’s practice and the buzzing of cicadas are two of the surest sounds heralding the end of summer. They pinch me with a feeling of sadness. Summer is a lush and generous season with long hours of daylight and an abundance of fruits, vegetables, and shellfish. But it’s so short, especially […]

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Taza Somerville MA

Union Square Farmers’ Market (Somerville, MA)

Somerville used to suffer the slurs of uppity residents in neighboring communities. But increasingly it’s being hailed as the Brooklyn of Massachusetts and one of the hottest ‘hoods around, especially for foodies. With artsy coffee houses, a popular ice cream parlor, donut shop, and restaurants that are turning out some of the best meals in the Boston area, Union Square is a bright and rising star. But […]

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Batignolles market potato pancakes

Batignolles Organic Open-Air Food Market (Paris)

The Saturday market on boulevard des Batignolles is one of the best organic markets in Paris. Although the Sunday market on boulevard Raspail is more widely known for its excellence as an organic market, the Batignolles market has similar high quality. Many vendors who attend the Batignolles market on Saturday also sell at the Raspail market on Sunday. The range of […]

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Barcelona market Santa Caterina

Santa Caterina Market (Barcelona, Spain)

Barcelona is a dream come true for anyone who loves markets. The best known and biggest of the markets in Barcelona is La Boqueria, near the Ramblas, but there are 39 others in locations throughout the city. Santa Caterina market, for example, is another that is also central to major sights in Barcelona and worth a visit. It’s in […]

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